Photo Précis: 11.8.15 - 11.15.15


Not sure if it's the craziness of life that has me too stressed (semi-flooded car, new clients at work, more events) to blog or was I overwhelmed with the outpouring of <3 LUV <3 received after my first post & I got nervous. We'll just go with the former. I think it's kinda like when a musical artist blows up on the charts and the pressure is on for their sophomore album. I'm always panicking about wanting to appear interesting/funny/inspiring but authentic so once again, fear won! But enough excuses. I'll be better about posting more than once a month. Feel free to call me out if you see me slacking because like they say, it takes a village to raise a blogger (that has to be on Pinterest somewhere).

So without further adieu, I'm happy to introduce my weekly recap series: Photo Précis! 

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