People know me as Julie Julez. If you've found this page, it's probably because: A) Someone told you about me or B) you clicked from one of my social media profiles and you're curious as to why I'm always eating amazing food & doing fun things you can't find on Yelp.

Here's the short version: I do social media management & content creation for a living and also for fun. Some call me a blogger or influencer. Sometimes I get called a guru, but I hate that word so please don't.

The longer version: My story really started once I was let go from my steady but miserable graphic design job where I used to create in-store advertisements for Kroger. In my down time, I would kill time by scrolling through Twitter or Pinterest, which is where I began to discover magic of clever hashtags or carefully curated flatlay photos. Once I was freed, I spent my unemployed time between odd jobs, networking and learning about the growing world of social media marketing.

My first social media experience was with The Hive Society, a non-profit organization that promotes philanthropy through music, the arts & creative culture. Everything from our social presence to event planning, I was part of. From The Hive connections, I met the founder of Aces of Taste which is an interactive pop-up dinner series turned private events company that highlights some of the best chefs in Houston. I grew our Instagram from 0 to 100 real quick and years later, people still love to dine with us. From Aces, I was introduced to The Houston Food Blogger Collective, a group that aims to connect Houston's bloggers with each other and our vibrant culinary scene. Since then I have become a community leader at Best Food Houston, an influencer for Zipkick and the crazy mind behind Foodie Fingers

Did I ever go back to design? I did. I spent time at a digital marketing agency where I worked with various brands, organizations and public figures ranging from local politicians to pilates studios, healthy cookies to Chinese liquor and plush kid toys to violent anime. I soon realized office life was not for me and flew solo from there.

And here I am now! At your service as a freelance social media specialist and graphic designer. Or if you're a restaurant looking to invite me out for tasting, that's cool too.

Shoot me an email: holler@juliejulez.com if you have any questions, inquiries or want to see some creative samples. Too shy to email? Lurk my Instagram and see how punny & weird I can be.