People know me as Julie Julez. If you've found this page, it's probably because:
A) Someone told you about me. Hopefully really nice things.
B) You clicked from one of my social media profiles and you're curious as to why I'm always eating amazing food & doing fun things you can't find on Yelp.

Here's the short version: I do social media marketing, graphic design, blogging and occasionally I’ll help throw kickass events. I like to just call myself a Creative.

The longer version: My story really started once I was let go from my steady but miserable graphic design job where I used to create in-store advertisements for Kroger. In my down time, I would kill time by scrolling through Twitter or Pinterest, which is where I began to discover magic of clever hashtags or carefully curated flatlay photos. Once I was freed, I spent my unemployed time between odd jobs, networking and learning about the growing world of social media marketing.

My first social media experience was with The Hive Society, a non-profit organization that promotes philanthropy through music, the arts & creative culture. Everything from our social presence to event planning, I was part of. From The Hive connections, I met the founder of Aces of Taste which is an interactive pop-up dinner series turned private events company that highlights some of the best chefs in Houston. I grew our Instagram from 0 to 100 real quick and years later, people still ask about our dinners. From Aces, I was introduced to The Houston Food Blogger Collective, a group that aims to connect Houston's bloggers with each other and our vibrant culinary scene. Since then I have become a community leader at Best Food Houston, an influencer for Zipkick and the crazy mind behind Foodie Fingers, a page where I match my nails to my food. Recently, I’ve created a series of #HoustonBINGO cards that you’ve maybe seen on someone’s IG story. You can find all those templates here.

As for design, I spent time at a digital marketing agency for a while. During my time there, I worked with various brands, organizations and public figures ranging from local politicians to pilates studios, healthy cookies to Chinese liquor and plush kid toys to violent anime. Alas, office life was not for me and flew solo from there and now I freelance.

And here I am now! At your service for social media marketing and graphic design. Or if you're a restaurant looking to invite me out for tasting, that's cool too.

Shoot me an email: holler@juliejulez.com if you have any questions, inquiries or want to see some creative samples. Too shy to email? Lurk my Instagram and see how fun I can be.